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Crawldata from from 1999-10-11T18:14:47PDT to 2000-05-15T23:36:35PDT

Published 1999
Topics crawldata

Data crawled by on behalf of from Mon Oct 11 18:14:47 PDT 1999 to Mon May 15 23:36:35 PDT 2000

Identifier green-000019-19991011181447-939776506-c
Date 1999
Firstfiledate 19990303231124
Lastfiledate 20000517194459
Mediatype web
Scanningcenter San Francisco
Publicdate 2012-07-18 03:49:22
Addeddate 2012-07-18 03:49:22
Collectin alexacrawls
Imagecount 11837928
Fail-reasons CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000019-20000228185217-951955116.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000019-20000228185217-951952050.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000019-20000515233635-958580590.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000021-19991102175615-941677776.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000021-20000228185217-951969691.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:green-000021-20000228185217-951967903.arc.gz
Scandate 19990303231124
Boxid OL100010002


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